IT Support Services

M5 IT Solutions provides support by way of scheduled onsite visits, remote management, email communication, and phone communication. Initial support will require onsite visits during and after normal business hours. Once the IT infrastructure is in a stable and secure state, remote management can be utilized as a means of troubleshooting software and providing IT support.

Regularly scheduled onsite visits can be arranged at the your discretion. Remote management and support will present a faster cost effective solution for most IT needs. We believe that in many ways IT infrastructure is very similar to an automobile. Like an automobile, IT infrastructure that is well maintained will run very smoothly and breakdown far less than one that is not. We will preserve your IT infrastructure in top running condition to ensure you will have fewer IT support requests.

Our problem escalation process is as follows:

1. Initial problem is identified by reviewing any error messages and working with end users to determine cause.

2. Problem will be given a severity level based on IT infrastructure impact. A description of the issue and possible resolutions will be provided to key BDA personnel. They will then determine the next course of action.

3. If a permanent solution is not immediately available then a best effort will be made to create a temporary workaround. Appropriate vendors will be contacted and additional research will be conducted until problem is resolved. Providing a satisfactory solution is always the goal, but in the event one is not implemented, then another will be created. The choice between multiple solutions is not always available and is very dependent on the issue at hand.